My friend Amanda recently raved about a new recipe she’d tried and loved: chocolate cherry cupcakes. She’s a baker and the one who introduced me to my very favorite baking cookbook, “The Cake Mix Doctor.” I thought I’d give these a whirl for some bagel shop/coworker CAOK love this week.

filled with a mini chocolate cake

I picked up a few of these Chinese take-out boxes last month with the hopes of making fortune cookies to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I thought the pink would be particularly festive for the Year of the Boar. Alas, the fortune cookies didn’t happen. (Although one day! I have cute little fortunes in mind to fill them with.)

inside the box

Instead, they were filled with one giant chocolate cherry cupcake. I poured the frosting over the cake once it was in the box, keeping my fingers crossed the frosting would harden as planned and not make a gooey, chocolate puddle. It worked!

chocolate cherry wish

A bit of ribbon and one of many stamped CAOK notes and voila — a chocolate treat wrapped and ready to go.

I knew the bagel shop boys wouldn’t appreciate the frill, so their platter was plain.

delivered to the bagel shop

It is safe to say they enjoyed these — down to the last drop of frosting. Recipe found here.