The Brazilian Bunny Family, straight on

My friend’s children will be receiving these bunnies in their Easter baskets. I started with a Wee Wonderful’s bunny pattern, used some scrap fabrics, and a handful of buttons, embroidery thread and pompoms. Once I got going, things got a bit out of control, as they do. When I’m motivated, there is no stopping me. A dozen bunnies later (one in an apron for this month’s Tie One On no less), I thought it would be great to match each one with a story, pinned to a big, floppy, pink, bunny ear. (The inspriation for the stories came from caring about the birth certificates that came with my Cabbage Patch dolls.)
The stories came to life. I present you the Brazilian Bunny Family, along with their accompanying story.


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Isabella. Her life-long wish was to one day have her own garden to tend. It wasn’t until she met Diego that she knew she’d need a big garden too! Isabella and Diego fell madly in love and had 10 children. She spends man a happy day watching her baby bunnies play among her carrot and lettuce gardens.


Diego grew up playing soccer with his many brothers and dreaming of the World Cup. He knew one day he’d be able to visit Brazil – where his favorite uncle learned the sport. What he didn’t know is he would meet his future wife on the trip. Today, Diego and his wife Isabella have 10 baby bunnies. They are the Brazilian Bunny family.


Terese is the oldest of 10 children – all part of the Brazilian Bunny family. She loves finding a quiet hiding place in the family garden to hide and read. She loves reading anything she can find – particularly about science. One day Terese dreams of being the first Brazilian Bunny to go to the moon. She’d be sure to bring back cheese for her brothers and sisters.


Neto is the second oldest bunny in his family. (His sister Terese regularly reminds him that she is older.) Neto likes to work with his dad, Diego. They work on the garden and the burrow. Neto knows one day he’ll have his own family and they too will live in the Brazilian Bunny family patch. He loves living right here, among the bright green grassy hills of Brazil. He doesn’t want to ever move.


Soccorro was named after her mom’s favorite aunt. Everyone calls her “Rocky” for short. Rocky likes to take photos. Sometimes her mom – Isabella – lets her take the family camera to school. Rocky likes to take photos of anything purple, her favorite color. One day her photographs will hang in the fanciest museums in the world. Rocky is a quadruplet and a happy member of the Brazilian Bunny family.


Pilar is one of the 7 daughters in the Brazilian Bunny family. She is the only one who speaks three languages. (Her dad, Diego, speaks English and Portuguese.) Pilar has always loved studying about different cultures. Learning Spanish came naturally. Now, Pilar dreams of learning Italian and French. One day she’ll work as a translator for the United Nations. Magnifico!


Phoebe dreams of being a rock star. She is the best of all the 10 Brazilian Bunny kids at eating her fruits and vegetables. Phoebe knows she’s going to have to be as tall and strong as she can be to rock out. She plays the piano, harp and trumpet. One day she’ll learn to play the violin too. She’s considering dyeing her fur – maybe then the rest of the garden will take her music more seriously. For Phoebe, music is hope.


Naomi is an excellent babysitter. All the mothers in the garden patch trust Naomi with their little ones. She wants to be a teacher one day and work with the garden patch’s children on geography, math and literature. She loves school – the classes, the desks, and even the homework! She can’t think of any place better to work one day. Naomi is one of the Brazilian Bunny family quadruplets.


Daisy’s real name is Margarite, but she prefers to English version. Daisy’s passion is cooking. She likes to help her mom – Isabella – to prepare dinner for their family, the Brazilian Bunnies. She works in the garden to gather vegetables for her meals. Her favorite thing to cook is veggie coup and corn bread. Her 9 brothers and sisters love it too. Her mom is just happy to have help in the kitchen. Carrots are a staple of life!


Laurel is her happiness when she is among the flowers. She takes twice as long as her 9 brothers and sisters to walk to school. She takes her time – noticing each plant and weed in the garden patch. She is the only Brazilian Bunny girl who likes to dig in the dirt. She wants to learn more about the bugs in the earth. Laurel is convinced they are connected to the birds, bees and flowers. She loves to take hikes.


Nigel is a born leader. He is the first awake every morning and the last one to sleep. He wants to enjoy every moment of life. He is honest and kind. His 9 brothers and sisters, all members of the Brazilian Bunny family, listen to him when he speaks. He knows that the key to getting people to listen is being confident and strong. One day, Nigel will lead all of Brazil.


Noah is the youngest of the Brazilian Bunny family. He has 2 brothers and 7 sisters. When everyone else is busy studying or working in the garden, Noah likes to swim. He loves to blow bubbles under the water and to float on his back. One day Noah will travel to California to compete in an international surf competition. Hang six dude!

The Calculated Acts of Kindness Campaign was designed to show an extra bit of love and attention to friends and family, and to celebrate Spring. To see more photos from this campaign, click here.

Daisy, behind, outside