Life has been a little rough lately. And while I’d like to close down this blog and never see the Internet again when I’m hurting — there is important work to be done. CAOK is just that to me. So, I’m coming out of hiding. And we’ll leave it at that.


This week, I’m focusing CAOK on love on animals. Even Finny is on board. Granted, she uses swears while writing about, and likely performing, her acts of kindness — it still counts. In fact, it makes my heart happy to think pedestrians in northern California are benefiting because of this little campaign. Finny, G+Ts on me next time we get a chance to hang. Love you, lady!


I visited the Foothills Animal Shelter when looking for Nelson. (I found him two shelters later.) The folks who run this joint are kind and compassionate. They make the world better every day. And they have a specific list of needs. Leashes, toys, cleaning supplies and puppy/kitten food. They need help ASAP.


Shelters in Phoenix (and your community) do too. If you can’t give food, volunteer. There is little in life that makes me happier than being pulled along by a team of hyper, happy pound pups on a much needed walk.

Pulling my sorry and sad head out of my ass this week and getting back to doing good in the world. There is no time to waste.


P.S. Willie Nelson Mandela approves this message:

Yeah, I'm smiling