Modest Mom

There are some kinks left to be worked out with the software, but my first shop update happens today!

Products listed include, onesies, ribbon blankets, large Minky-backed blankets, custom purses in three sizes, the Modest Mom (a breastfeeding cover) and of course, the project that remains the most searched reason people land at — the Nudu cap and pattern.

Modest Mom

Thank you for your overwhelming support at this endeavor. You’ll notice most of the items are custom orders because it really is far more important to me that you have a handmade item you love than something that looks like a dozen others.  I want to share fabric I’ve collected from my travels and the notion that handmade truly is better.

Modest Mom

The details:

Shipping is standard first class domestic and international

Custom order projects will take at least one week to post

I’m happy to gift wrap the item and include a card with details provided


I’d love to hear your ideas for other projects! Thank you again!