When I was a baby, I couldn’t say “apple sauce.” Instead, it became “bobby sooce,” which is lovingly what my mom still calls it. On my recent trip to Texas, I found a giant jar of bobby sooce in the fridge and ate it every morning for breakfast with a bit of cereal. My mom had made it from scratch, which she assured me was easy-peasy.

On the recent adventure to California, I introduced Roscoe and the gang to my mom’s apple sauce. And it was a huge hit. I thought I’d share the simple recipe for anyone interested:


Karel’s Bobby Sooce


8 apples (Granny Smith are best), skinned and cored

The juice of one lemon

Dash of cinnamon

4 tablespoons of water


Combine all ingredients in a large sauce pan. Once it begins to simmer, lower to low heat, cover and let cook for 30 minutes or to the consistency desired. I like it chunky. Let cool and transfer to a jar. Enjoy!


The bobby sooce, in the back right-hand corner, was among the food prepared for the family this week. Meg kept the little containers in the fridge for dinners this week and the big ones (shepherd’s pie – minus mashed taters, and butternut squash mac-and-cheese) went in the freezer. I love when my hair-brained ideas for over-helping friends are accepted. I promised Meg a time will come when I’m pregnant and chasing another little one around and I’ll call in the favor in return.