valentines 003

Take one red velvet cake (For Arizona folk, mixes are on sale for $.88 at Fry’s this week.)

valentines 005

Add a recycled-tin foil heart stencil

valentines 008

Dust generously with powdered sugar

valentines 009

And voila! Valentine’s cake that says I love you in a fabulously frugal way.

valentines 010

valentines 012

This is the first installment of a Valentine’s series this week — fabulously frugal ways to celebrate the holiday in style and with love, without worrying about balancing your checkbook in the process. I am pretty sure with the eggs, oil and sour cream I added to the mix (for moisture), and the electricity it took to bake, plus the powdered sugar, this baby cost about $3. Giddyup.

How cute would these be as cupcakes? With red cupcake liners! I think I know what’s next.