I have  a new project I am managing in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I’ll travel there every couple of months. It’s a bit of a pain to get to, but it is worth the trek. Growing up in Arizona, where so little of our nation’s history has taken place by contrast, Arkansas is a land rich with monuments. I felt like I was in junior year history again — studying the Civil War, Trail of Tears and Whiskey Wars. The Arkansas River also makes for a lovely place to run. The state was far greener than I expected.

On the other end of the cultural spectrum, on this quick first visit — I also saw Brett Michaels in concert with a new colleague. Imagine this: an open air bar full of 500 people, most of whom are wearing cut offs, cowboy hats and unfortunate tattoos, screaming their hearts out for a man quite obviously wearing a long, blond, shiny wig. Outside, another hundred people who didn’t pay to get in, but could see the stage — only 100 feet or so away. They too had lighters out and were fully rocking out in the dark of a humid Arkansas night.

It. Was. Awesome.(ly bad.)

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for the projects in Maui. Santa Barbara. Cancun. Possible, right?