I’ve long said if I could start over at high school graduation I’d have gone to culinary school. Or maybe the Rhode Island School of Design for pattern making. Amazing how interests change with time; when I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to be a writer. My first trip to Africa inspired my love of public health. I am so very lucky and thankful I had a chance to study both. That said, I’ve always wanted to bake professionally. A tiny dog-friendly bakery where people could come to knit, read and eat the world’s best food.


Fast forward 14 years {sidenote: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD AND BURRITOS! 14 years? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?}, and I’m just getting a chance to do that bakery gig. I’m training under a culinary school grad on the proper method of whipping up scones, muffins, cake, quick breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls and quiche. The very part-time weekend shift starts around 5 am, so that training part starts with me sticking my head in a bucket of espresso. Thankfully, they also serve such beverages and I get to drink as much as I fancy on the clock.

Brilliant productivity decision by management.

Where the magic happens

I’m considering this latest life experience great training and research for another book. It always comes back to the writing, which makes me realize¬†this is yet another example of the grass always being greener. You know how you have this vision of what your life would be like professionally if you did something like, say, work at Disneyland, play a professional sport or run a bakery? Well. I am extra thankful my parents didn’t let me ditch traditional schooling. I’m a confident writer. I’m a meager pastry chef. (Plus, I’d be the Cinderella who’d run off with Snow White, Ariel and Jasmine to create our own fairy tale: the Empowered Super Heroine League — capable of saving our own asses!)

Professional baking: crossed off the bucket list.