I know! April! And do you know how many of these projects I’ve sewn? 1.

It’s awful. I’m the worst sew-along organizing partner ever. I don’t know what problem has been, but I haven’t had any sewing mojo lately. The good news is, this afternoon it came back in a wave of creativity.

New zip

I’d purchased this super cute Columbia skirt at the REI garage sale that had a faulty zipper. It had been sitting on my sewing table for months. Voila. Now fixed. I even got some embroidery done too.

J is for

Ooo! Ooo!

More importantly, I promise you I’m sewing this month’s One Yard Wonders project — the Pampered Pooch. How great are these? I have many friends with furry children to spoil. I am looking forward to it.

Pampered Pooch

Also, I can’t wait to try your citrus fennel salad. I love both flavors and it is getting warm again in Phoenix; time to think of lighter meal ideas.

Now, off to the sewing machine. She’s finally calling my name!

With love,