My friends and family will tell you — I love giving gifts. I look forward the holidays each year because of all the gift-giving opportunities. This year, I decided to go a bit crazy and celebrate all 24 days of Advent by sewing calendars and matching each day with a small gift. It’s an adventathon!
Today — the calendars. I sewed these basic 25-pouch wall calendars after asking several blogging crafty types for their advice. Nicole, Alison and Blair were all kind in responding with their ideas — which certainly pointed me in the right direction. Like so many with needle and thread, I love the simplicity of Japanese design. Granted, these fabrics are bit busier than the typical zakka project, but they are more festive too.

advent calendar
Min's advent calendar

They have tiny ribbon loops at the top and were gifted with a dowel. The second calendar is intentionally less-Christmasy. Then again, the pointsetta fabric is some of my favorite this season. You’ll be seeing it here a time or two during this crafty adventure.

Excessively jolly,