Makeup brush kit

adventathon 017

Finny sent me this sweet makeup brush kit several years ago for my birthday and I’ve used it nearly every day since. I love having fancy brushes and like my mama recently said when jewelry shopping, “Isn’t it fun to be a girl?” Yes. I am so very thankful for femininity.

With that in mind, a tutorial to sew something similar. You’ll need:

– a set of makeup brushes

– exterior fabric 7 ” x 10 ”

– interior fabric 7″ x 10″

– interior pocket 5″ x 5.5″

– interior terrycloth 7″ x 4″

– ribbon at least 7″ long for interior

– two pieces of ribbon 5″ long each for closing tie

adventathon 032

Take your interior pocket fabric and after ironing…

adventathon 033

Iron under the left hand and top edges 1/4″.  Top stitch the top edge.

adventathon 034

Iron a center crease in your interior fabric. Place the interior pocket on the lower right hand corner of the interior fabric. Your bottom and right hand edges should be raw (not turned under.) Pin. Top stitch pocket right, bottom and left hand edges to interior fabric, leaving the already seamed top edge open.

adventathon 036

Place your brushes on this pocket to determine their sizes. Draw lines vertically with a blue sewing pen (water soluble) as guides.

adventathon 037

Sew from top to bottom along these guides, backstitching along the top edge.

adventathon 038

Place your brushes to make sure they fit before continuing. (In this case, I slid two large brushes into one sleeve)

adventathon 039

Place your terrycloth on the left-hand side of the interior fabric. No need to turn under edges.

adventathon 040

Now add your 7″ of ribbon to the right-hand edge of the terrycloth piece.  Sew along the top edge of the terrycloth, down the center of the ribbon (also catching the right-hand edge of the terrycloth, which is tucked under the ribbon) and along the bottom edge.

I added terrycloth because it’s nice to have a place to clean off your brushes in between uses. And when your pouch starts looking like Rainbow Brite, just throw it in the washing machine, iron flat and refill.

adventathon 041

Now find your two pieces of 5″ ribbon for your closing tie.

adventathon 042

Place these 5″ up from the bottom edge of your interior fabric with 1/4 ” protruding.  (See that little bit of ribbon poking out on the right-hand side of this?) The ties should mostly remain sandwiched between your interior and your exterior. Place the exterior right-side down on top of the interior fabric. Pin. Sew around the edges leaving a 3″ hole.

Those raw edges will be enclosed in this process. It’s sewing magic!

adventathon 043

With that hole, turn your makeup brush pouch right-side out. Press flat. Top stitch with a pretty thread.

adventathon 048

See? Pretty.

adventathon 049

Add your brushes.

adventathon 051

Tie tight and wrap for the holidays. Voila — Christmas beauty!