Golf Driver Cover

Home stretch! Now the crafting gets a little more crafty — I have to show projects carefully as to not give away too much before the recipients can enjoy the surprise.

Adventathon: 16

Knitting up a chunky yarn driver cover takes all of 2 hours, tops. This is an easy project, although I’d recommend a prettier yarn. This yarn was selected by the recipient, a very smart 10 year old who has recently taken up golf.


Adventathon: 16


1 skein chunky yarn (about 85 yards)

size 15 needles

Cast on 16. Knit 10 rows.

R11: Add one stitch (K thru front and back), knit 16, Add one stitch

R12-16: knit

R 17: Add two stitches (K thru front and back), knit 18, add two stitches

R 18-22: knit

R 23: K2tog, knit 18, K2tog

R 24-26: knit

Cast off

Fold in half, sew top and edge together with remaining yarn, add a pommie on top if so desired

And do not ever cheat on your wife, especially if she is a gorgeous Norwegian goddess who will make you look like the biggest asshole in the history of cheating assholes.

The end!