Two birds

CRAFT Along, Nov/Dec

What’s that, Dear Finny? You say — “Donk! That looks like one of the November CRAFT projects that you didn’t complete so we extended the deadline through December!” Correct, my sweet friend. This is the scrappy zippy wallet.

CRAFT Along, Nov/Dec

It’s also meeting my Adventathon requirements for a cute, simple* and easy project that can make the holidays a bit sweeter. Sure, it is a spotty little zippy wallet. But you know what would make it even better? A gift card inside. Or a zip drive full of music. Or a tiny genie with a magic lamp and one million dollars.

Hey? A girl can dream.

Check, my friend. Your move.


*The snap? Not so simple. In fact, this process produced a rather vulgar series of screams from my kitchen involving a hammer, my fingers and directions printed so tiny you’d think they were created for the yet-to-have-appeared magic genie.