Namaste Bag Accessories

adventathon 014

A little known fact about living in the desert — you drink more water and sweat more than one could even imagine. It’s just part of life to always have a water bottle with you. The gym is no different, and I am particularly fond of these Eddie Bauer bottles because they have a sippy-cup like top that eliminates my normal Nalgene bottle spillage issues, especially during spin class. Also, a plush hand towel embellished to match that namaste bag*? Parfait. Makes being a sweaty yogi a bit more stylish.

{This is so easy, it doesn’t need a tutorial. Pre-wash your towel and your fabric. Measure the band of your towel and cut your fabric 1 inch larger on all sides of the rectangle. Turn under the edges with an iron. Top seam. Presto!}

Mixed tapes are pretty much always included with my gifts too, especially those with a theme. Who doesn’t want to rock out to Jaydiohead?


*Namaste bag tutorial underway, along with new bags added to my shop. I’ll be certain to post the details soon. Thank you!