Namaste Bag

adventathon 010

I’ve noticed many friends in spin and yoga classes juggle a dozen little things in their hands coming and going. Keys, membership cards, iPods, water bottles, heart rate monitors, all seem to be jostled here and there in lieu of bringing in a big bag or a purse. I do the same and it is silly. I always end up with something stuck in a pocket that later ends up in the washing machine.

Fine when it is your membership card. Not so great when it is your iPod. (Actually, my latest iPod kamakazed into the tub — but same difference.)

adventathon 011

This jostling is all the more annoying when you are off to yoga and trying to manage a mat and towel too. In turn, the Namaste Bag. A cross-body gym tote with a front papoose pocket for a yoga mat or rolled towel. The inside has divided pockets for those aforementioned little items and the entire thing is pre-washed cotton so when it gets a funky badass workout girl scent, you can throw it in the washing machine. (Full circle, this post.)

I’ll create a tutorial if there is any interest. Otherwise, tomorrow — what to include when gifting the Namaste Bag.