Sometimes my crafts go horribly wrong. This could be directly related to my lack of interest in precision, paired nicely with having a short fuse.

Example 1:

Sometimes it works...

An adorable poster D bought for me as a housewarming gift.

Colorado? Cycling? WPA-era inspired style?

Win, win, win.

I love it!

Sometimes it works...

Trying to find a frame and mat for it that would work? Torture. I tried framing this sucker twice with different mats and fabrics. The end result was lots of swears and a bloody finger. Plus, I pretty much ruined the frame with a slip of the screwdriver, which stabbed my finger.


Sometimes it works...


And deep breaths.

The frame went out in the recycling, and I do say it looks rather sweet right there next to my other WPA print.