A little birdie told me...

Thank you a thousand times over for your responses to the poll earlier this week. Thanks to your suport, the boutique will launch November 1. Also, t-shirts will be sold pre-order. We are working out the details.

Have you ever had one of those chunks of life you know will be pivotal to your Lifetime movie autobiography one day? Or perhaps ESPN or E! True Hollywood Stories? (This new cable thing is haunting me, if you can’t tell.) A couple of times in the last few months I’ve had days when I swear I can hear the soundtrack of my life movie playing the background.*  Oprah would call them “a ha!” moments — those snippets of time when all of a sudden you see your capabilities and strengths in an entirely new light.

Your encouragement for the boutique has been such a great reassurance — and perhaps one of those moments I’ll always look back on as the catalyst for great, creative change in my life. I’m spending  hours working on patterns, selecting fabrics, looking for appropriate areas to photograph projects and researching shipping options. I will say, I was touched by how many of you mentioned you already have one of my bags, t-shirts, creations and use it happily.  Merci!

Now, back to those sketches…


* The bluebird scene from 500 Days of Summer got me thinking too. The spectrum of emotion can be a wicked arc. And as for the soundtrack of mi vida? It would be the new Dave Matthews CD. I finally got my hands on a copy and it is sweet, thoughtful and so very beautiful.