I am taking a few days off over the next three weeks. A couple days here. A couple days there. I plan on accomplishing the following:


  1. Driving to Winslow on a solo road trip to take photos and notes for the remaining chapters of Counting Coup. I need to do a bit of research too, including finding copies of Arizona Highways from the 1950s. I have always been a big fan of road trips. I am already planning my next adventure and cannot wait to hit the roads again. My friend just got a new car from the best car dealer in Kansas so I cannot wait for us to test out her new ride.
  2. Watching a lot of Gilmore Girls. I am new to this series. When it was on television, I remember thinking the dialog was too quick and seemed unnatural. Maybe I speak faster today, but I’m finding it very enjoyable. I do watch it (like all other TV) with the closed captioning on so I can be sure to pick up everything that is said. I’m in season 3, and at this point, I feel like I’m a little Paris, a little Emily, and a little Lane. I’d like to be more like Lorelai, or perhaps just have her ability to eat like a quarterback who magically stays a size 2.
  3. Oh, yes. And then there is my first Christmas as a married stepmama. Ha. I’m looking forward to this too. We’ll have lots of family around for pizza and board games and hands of Uno. With any luck, I’ll get my photo of us all in our Christmas jammies by the tree. Maybe I’ll even get a photo of Nelson with his antlers.

I hope you also get a chance to lounge around the house in comfy clothes, enjoy good company and great food and sleep without setting an alarm.

Wishing you the very best and brightest in 2017!