Shan and Tom

My friend Tom turns 60 today; last night his wife Shan threw him a party at their beautiful home. She worked months to get the details just right. Such as:

These were yummy

signature drinks with bartenders who kept the evening hopping;



mini aloe vera centerpieces Shan grew and potted for guests to take home at the end of the evening;

Sweet centerpieces

Esther gets in the spirit

and even Esther got into the spirit with her camo bandana.


Working on the saguaro

The birthday cake

But definitely the most impressive aspect of the entire shindig was the green rice krispie treat saguaro cake — complete with a crown. They worked on this thing for days. When we had dinner Wednesday, they showed me the PVC pipe base for the cake. Tom is a lover of the desert and of the dessert. Safe to say, the spirit of both were captured.

(I’m not sure anyone actually ate it, but it certainly caught the attention of a ll 75 guests.)


Tell me she doesn’t look just a wee bit proud of herself?

Henry and Katie

Katie and I ham it up

We were pretty proud of her too. We were also pretty happy with a chance to sit around and chat. Good thing we did when we could because this morning my voice is shot.

NO llores!

Perhaps because I danced and sang at the top of my lungs (including my obnoxious, signature mariachi call) for hours with these new, bedazzled friends. Mariachis are my catnip. I am without a doubt my happiest when there are mariachis around and I don’t know how to explain that other than the music tells sweet, sappy stories and there are usually margaritas involved. The bravado and talent of these singers had me swooning. And swinging on the dance floor. I love me some mariachis. (I think I need a t-shirt with this new motto.)

The Brennans

Thank you to my “AZ Family,” the Brennans. A very happy birthday to Tom!