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Galentine's crafts

Galentine's crafts

A bit of Galentine love. These and a couple other pillows are being sent out to girlfriends this week.

I was asked to speak to a group of soon-to-be college graduates the other day. Most in the room were young women. I was asked a bunch of questions about sexism in the workplace, when to push back, what to do to stand out, etc.

One of my strongest pieces of advice was to never be the mean girl. You remember those girls — the ones that always found a way to make you feel rotten? Instead, I said the best way to make your new workplace a fantastic, life-changing, challenging environment is to decide going in that you are going to be kind, friendly and take no crap. You are also going to work to build each other up.

I did feel a bit like Leslie Knope giving a galentine’s speech, but hey — what did they expect?