Prescott trip!

I am newly in love with all things embroidered and cross stitch. Pair this with my love of vintage linens (or perhaps to explain this love) and I’m coming up with a ridiculous number of projects.

{Side note: Does anyone else fight tears when they see vintage linens or quilts in a thrift store? It breaks my heart so much effort and work goes into these items — love for the recipient no less — and that they are eventually discarded. Ug. As the daughter of a quilter, I cannot imagine my mom’s stuff ever landing in a Goodwill. It would feel like discarding a piece of her.}

I spotted these hand towels this weekend in an overpriced, yellowing heap in Prescott. Unwilling to pay $18 per towel or napkin, I snuck a photo instead. I have enough arts and craft supplies to open a camp for the children of Arizona at this point. I’m guessing I can find what I need to create something similar.

Also — my friend Sue pointed me to this site the other day. How cute are the vintage napkins? I’m also thinking now of cutting up some of my vintage sheets to make pillow cases that actually fit the pillows on my bed.