march 2014 022


Nelson and I spent a lot of time walking these days. We often cruise around Tempe Town Lake in the mornings, or another park nearby.

march 2014 055


The sunrises this time of year are glorious. The weather is brisk enough to still need a lightweight jacket. The bunnies come out, foraging the desert plants around the edges of the lake — giving poor Nelson a heart attack. And there are lots of birds.

march 2014 050


I don’t know a thing about birds other than I’m guessing this buddy wasn’t hanging out in dry Tempe before the lake was filled. He and his friends are so pretty. They swoop (with several other specie of large bird) in the morning, picking up their breakfast from the slow swimmers in the water.

march 2014 053


If you spend any time at the lake, you’ve likely seen the die off of fish in the last two weeks. A City of Tempe parks person (not Leslie Knope, sadly) let me know that they just stocked the lake for fishing and the stock bins were too full. There was some shock to the fish and they expect the die off to stop in the next week.

And that’s your daily update from Tempe. You’re welcome. Carry on, adventurers!