January 2014

Mr. Willie Nelson Mandela learned a new, terrifying trick last week. Ten minutes into an otherwise routine hike, he urinated blood. Ten minutes later, I am carrying him, hyperventilating and screaming into my cell phone with the vet’s office. Four hours, one x-ray, one ultrasound and several other tests later… it was determined he is fine. No need for alarm. He’ll be fine. Here, take home this expensive GI dog food and give him some pro-biotics.
I was fortunate enough that I had a vet’s clinic nearby and I could visit him on time. However, it might not be possible for every pet owner to rush to the vet in case of an emergency. In that case, looking for solutions online might prove helpful. You can visit websites like Dog Food Care (check site link) that provide expert advice on choosing the right food for you dog.

I wanted to kiss the vet on the lips, and shake her at the same time. Dogs don’t just occasionally pee blood, right? Here is to hoping Mr. WNM has found the latest way of getting my full attention, and it is nothing more. He is acting otherwise perfectly normal, and went on an 8 mile hike yesterday with no problems.

So, paws crossed.

In other news, we have officially reached Smug Season in Phoenix:

January 2014

The weather couldn’t be more perfect for morning, mid-day or evening hiking. It is simply beautiful to live here right now, and I feel very lucky. For those still suffering from polar vortex snow and ice madness, I’m envious of your fireplace reading and cuddle time. It’s just like the movies, right?

{Feel free to taunt me come, oh, July when this same view comes with heat stroke and premature aging.}

And yes, I did select a cactus photo that looks like it is flipping the bird. Because: funny.