My Advent blessing today is a bit unconventional, but still in the theme of gratitude. I’m thankful for timing. While it doesn’t always seem like a blessing when things just don’t add up the way the are “supposed to,” they still seem to always work in my favor. Whether it is the end of a job leading me to a much better opportunity, or the end of a relationship paving the way to greener pastures — I have been so very lucky.

It’s hard to remember in the middle of heartbreak, or that sickening punch to the gut when life is bitterly unjust, that eventually you’ll be able to look back and think, “Huh. Thank GOD that didn’t work out the way I wanted at the time. Phew.”




Over dinner with family friends tonight, we each said how exciting the prospect of 2011 looks. Each person at the table, ranging in age from 80-plus to little Emme Lou at not quite 2 years old, had something they were looking forward to. (Granted, I think the little one is just looking forward to more ice cream, but hey! That works.) I’m thankful for how each little bit of life has worked out to put me right here, right now. Ready for a new year, adventure, challenge, and a continuing journey of faith and growth.