13: Advent

Amy Butler birdie bag — sewn as a belated wedding gift for a girlfriend.

Today’s blessing is perfection in practice. I hate it when trite sayings are true — but let’s be honest. Who isn’t better at something after doing it a dozen times? There is some new book about the 10,000 hours of practice it took for the greats — including the Beatles, Lance Armstrong, etc. — to become the very best. The only thing I’d like to spend 10,000 doing is writing.

And my writing practice, like my sewing, is getting better with time. Yet, there are often still holes, and strange patches that don’t make any sense. I have hope that with time, both will strengthen. My first novel is currently being “edited” by a retired English teacher who was willing to give it another proof reading. I am anxious to have this fixed and to learn from my errors.  I’m also so very thankful for Adam’s help in reading the second novel. Basket Baby is coming along at a good clip, in great part to his willingness to point me in a different direction, put other books in my hands to read for inspiration, and sharpen yet another red pencil.

Part of the reason I am so very excited to be soon leaving for 3 weeks in Africa is the time I’ll have to write. I’ve got a date with my Macbook, a breathtaking veranda and a butler named Damson. (Damson is the keeper of the tea and biscuits.)